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AFC Urgent Care Franchise Model - Ideal for Physicians Seeking More Control over Their Careers

When Scharukh Jalisi, MD, a veteran head and neck surgeon at Boston Medical Center, took his son to a local emergency room for treatment of a broken arm, he was struck not only by the $6,000 price tag but by the inherent inefficiency of the system that provided his son’s care. He was convinced that there had to be a more efficient and cost-effective way to provide that care, so he started to research why a hospital visit for a simple fracture could cost so much money.

From Maids to Tycoons: Direct Primary Care Expands Its Patient Base

Frustrated with insurance-based care, increasing numbers of physicians are turning to direct primary care to provide patients across the socioeconomic spectrum simpler, more personalized treatment.

Vibra Healthcare: Ready for New Challenges Facing LTAC Industry

A barrage of fiscal and other challenges confronts hospital CEOs and physician groups nationwide. From investing in the most advanced medical technology to determining the appropriate role of social media in promoting services, healthcare leaders must perform a sometimes exquisitely complex balancing act. Brad Hollinger, Chairman and CEO, Vibra Healthcare, offers insight.

The New Man in Charge at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton

As Peter Healy looks ahead to his first full year leading Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton (BID–Milton), he is optimistic about the prospects for continued growth. “We have been, for the past few years, the fastest-growing hospital in Massachusetts,” he says.

Pinnacle Health CEO Sees Opportunity in New Patient-Centered World

Pinnacle Health has seen a lot of changes in the healthcare landscape since its beginnings in 1997, but few have been as dynamic as those taking place right now. Founder and CEO Paul Brough is excited about the new emphasis in the federal healthcare law on putting the patient at the center of the healthcare process.

Partnerships and Value at the Center of Shields’ Strategy for Success

Ask anyone in health care who Shields Health Care Group is and you may hear “The MRI guys.” Ask President Tom Shields and you’d get a different answer. The business leader, who oversees the statewide network, tells a story of a strategically built system that started as one center and is still growing. He’d describe corporate culture — quality, value, family — and how it’s emulated in every Shields location. He’d speak about trust — something the top healthcare organizations in the nation place in Shields Health Care daily. And he’d talk growth strategy because for this President, it’s only the beginning of what he recognizes as the greatest opportunity in the past 25 years. Collaboration is the name of the game, and Shields Health Care Group is winning.

HopeHealth CEO Spearheads Growth and the Addition of New Programs

HopeHealth has roots in hospice care on Cape Cod, but over the past five years, the Hyannis-based healthcare provider has branched out to offer a range of serious-illness services throughout eastern Massachusetts.

Hospital Building Solid Foundation for Second Century of Care

After thriving as a stand-alone community hospital with top regional and national recognition for patient satisfaction, nursing excellence and employee engagement, the century-old Winchester Hospital expects a partnership with Lahey Health will provide a solid foundation for years to come.

How to Best Evaluate and Incentivize Your Group of Physicians

It is time to adopt a quality-driven incentive model for your group of providers. In the past, the relative value unit (RVU) model was a decent way to determine productivity, which was central to increasing income for a fee-for-service model. We are well on our way to a quality model, but we still have significant weight with the services being provided. You need your doctors to be able to identify what constitutes a high-income model for today — not yesterday’s service model and not tomorrow’s quality model.

Compass Medical’s Continued Expansion on the South Shore

Growing practice has opened four Centers of Excellence in East Bridgewater, Easton, Middleborough and, just this past fall, Quincy.