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Medical Facility News

Women’s Health Services at BID-Milton Hospital

New Obstetrical and Gynecological Subspecialty Services Now Offered in a Local Community Setting

The Center for Specialty Care at BID-Milton Hospital Affiliation with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Brings Higher Level of Care to the Community

In the four years since Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) acquired Milton Hospital, the 113-year-old hospital has expanded its specialty care services, ensuring that local patients have access to top physicians and treatments without having to travel into Boston.

Patient Advocacy at The Prima CARE Center for Vascular Diseases Offering the Latest Surgical and Nonsurgical Treatments and Empowering Patients Through Education

When Ibrahim Eid, MD, founded the Prima CARE Center for Vascular Diseases in 2002, he did so with two overriding philosophies. One was a passion for providing south coast residents with access to cutting-edge vascular medicine right in their own community. The other was the firm belief that educating and empowering patients leads to better compliance and superior outcomes.

Signature Healthcare Radiation Oncology Center Expands Talented Lineup

Oncologist Ahmed Chaudhary, MD, joins the roster of skilled providers at Signature Healthcare Radiation Oncology who offer radiation therapy for an array of cancers.

Vibra Healthcare Builds Massachusetts’ Premier Long-term Acute Care Centers of Excellence

Vibra Healthcare is creating an integrated center of clinical excellence in central Massachusetts, featuring intensivists and hospitalists directing patients’ medical care and rehabilitation, and a variety of specialists managing the complexities of long-term acute illness.

Award-winning Harrington HealthCare Keeps Community at Heart with Total Local Care

Providing comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services, Harrington HealthCare System focuses on clinical initiatives to best serve patients in South Central Massachusetts and Northeastern Connecticut.

Women’s Care at Good Samaritan Medical Center: An Expanding Array of Women’s Care Services in a Local, Community Setting

From prenatal services to cancer care, Good Samaritan Medical Center complements its physicians with leading-edge technology and a network of support services to offer the full spectrum of women’s care in a local, community setting.

Vibra Healthcare: Ready for New Challenges Facing LTAC Industry

A barrage of fiscal and other challenges confronts hospital CEOs and physician groups nationwide. From investing in the most advanced medical technology to determining the appropriate role of social media in promoting services, healthcare leaders must perform a sometimes exquisitely complex balancing act. Brad Hollinger, Chairman and CEO, Vibra Healthcare, offers insight.

Vibra Healthcare: A Statewide Partner for Long-term Acute Care

Patients with complex, chronic conditions often require ongoing acute care after a hospitalization. Vibra Healthcare is meeting that need with an expanded catchment area that extends across Massachusetts.

The New Man in Charge at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton

As Peter Healy looks ahead to his first full year leading Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Milton (BID–Milton), he is optimistic about the prospects for continued growth. “We have been, for the past few years, the fastest-growing hospital in Massachusetts,” he says.