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Signature Healthcare Radiation Oncology Center Expands Talented Lineup

By: Maggie Behringer
Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oncologist Ahmed Chaudhary, MD, joins the roster of skilled providers at Signature Healthcare Radiation Oncology who offer radiation therapy for an array of cancers.

The Signature Healthcare Radiation Oncology Center is committed to expanding its advanced technologies and high standard of clinical care, while meeting the unique needs of the Brockton community. The appointment of Dr. Chaudhary, who grew up in the area and attended college in nearby Somerville, exemplifies that combination of state-of-the-art medicine with compassionate care.

“Dr. Chaudhary is trained in techniques we want to expand, such as intensity modulated radiation,” says Steven Lane, MD, Chief of Radiation Oncology at Signature Healthcare. “Moreover, he understands our patient population and will be able to offer care in a way that meets their particular needs.”

“If a Brockton patient is receiving treatment in Boston, that is a long drive back and forth. We offer the same quality care, personal interaction and advanced technology so patients can feel comfortable getting care locally.”
— Steven Lane, MD, Chief of Radiation Oncology at Signature Healthcare

“I’m honored and excited about the opportunity to contribute to the high quality of care being delivered in Brockton. I grew up close by, and it’s wonderful to see the exceptional care patients receive. It’s humbling and exciting to be able to add to it,” Dr. Chaudhary says.

A Coordinated Approach

When patients arrive for treatment, it’s the human touch they notice first and last. At Signature Healthcare Radiation Oncology, every member of the team — the front desk staff, the radiation therapist, the nurses, the physicists and the physicians — is committed to delivering quality personalized care in a welcoming environment. Referring physicians can rest assured their patients will receive care that is on par with local academic facilities right in their own community.

The Right Kind of Targeting

The team collaborates to make the best treatment decision for each patient, a process facilitated by the Center’s wide array of advanced modalities. Physicians select from or combine TomoTherapy, 3-D conformal radiation therapy, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and image guided radiation therapy.

As Dr. Lane explains, patients visit the center for radiation treatment five days a week for five to nine weeks, so pinpointing the exact area to target is imperative to their safety. Of the technologies available at the Signature Healthcare Radiation Oncology Center, two in particular offer enhanced safety and precision. The TomoTherapy Hi-Art System combines IMRT and CT image-guided patient positioning in a machine that is one part linear accelerator and one part multi-leaf collimator. While the Hi-Art System moves the patient through the collimator, IMRT shapes the radiation beam according to CT guidance. Similarly, 3-D conformal radiation therapy operates with a CT reconstruction of the patient’s internal organs and tumor to contour the radiation, amplifying the radiation delivered to the cancer and reducing exposure to healthy tissue.

Setting the Standard for Care

Behind all this advanced technology is the team’s desire to create the most comfortable environment for patients in a center with the most capable specialists. The Signature Healthcare Radiation Oncology Center and its staff have earned accreditations from the American College of Radiology, the Commission on Cancer, the American College of Surgeons and the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.

“The advanced radiation treatment you want your patient to receive is available at a center where the population is provided with the highest level of personalized care,” Dr. Chaudhary says. “Our goal is providing a level of care on par with academic medial centers.”

Signature Healthcare Radiation Oncology is part of Vantage Oncology, which includes more than 50 cancer treatment centers in 14 states providing quality, personalized cancer care in our community. To refer a patient, visit, click on “Contact” and complete the form.